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April 1, 1999
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Theatre Backstage from A to Z, Fourth Edition

Revised and Expanded

This invaluable guide to theatrical production includes up-to-date definitions of all technical aspects of stagecraft, including the many advances in the past decade, particularly in the areas of trusses, rigging, and automated lights and their control. More than 200 terms, along with 25 new drawings, have been added, many existing definitions have been expanded and drawings revised to include new technological developments, and World Wide Web addresses have been added to the List of Manufacturers and Distributors and to the Bibliography. At the same time, older terminology and definitions have been retained so the book will remain useful for those unable to participate in the high-tech revolution.

For more than thirty years this manual has been the essential handbook for both the beginner and the advanced backstage technician. At a time when theatre, both professional and amateur, is growing and flourishing all over the United States, Theatre Backstage from A to Z provides more practical information, on a wider range of subjects, than can be found in any other book in the field.

Sample Contents

—Automated light control


—Bounce it

—Chase control

—Daisy chaining




—Paint and paint colors

—Projectors and projection screens

—Rigging systems

—Shin buster

—Sound equipment

—Stage crew


—Uncle Buddy


"Because of the wide range of material covered, both student and professional theatre technicians will find this inexpensive, well-designed volume useful."—Choice

"Arranged alphabetically with more than 300 drawings, diagrams, charts, and photographs, Theatre Backstage from A to Z is a quick source of information on construction, design, lighting, painting, properties, sound, and stage managing."—Newsletter of the International Theatre Institute of the United States

University of Washington Press
Fourth Edition

9780295977171 : theatre-backstage-from-a-to-z-4th-edition-lounsbury-boulanger
Paperback / softback
262 Pages
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