March 19, 2018
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The World within the Word

Maritain and the Poet

This book, written in 1957, arises from the encounter of two men: the American poet Samuel Hazo and the French philosopher Jacques Maritain. They met on September 12, 1956, at Maritain's home in Princeton, New Jersey. Hazo sought to engage Maritain's diffuse writings in aesthetics by bringing them into conversation with the great voices of the English literary tradition, especially Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and John Keats.

Hazo was also striving to understand and articulate his own experience of the creative process. Then at the beginning of his writing life, he would later emerge as a leading voice in American poetry. He is the author of more than thirty collections, the winner of many awards, the founder of the International Poerty Forum, and a National Book Award finalist.

The World within the Word: Maritain and the Poet
is the only book about Jacques Maritain for which Maritain himself wrote a foreword.
Franciscan University Press

9780996930574 : the-world-within-the-word-hazo-maritain
184 Pages
$60.00 USD

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