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August 1, 2010
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August 1, 2010
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The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction

The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction features over a 150 years’ worth of the best science fiction ever collected in a single volume. The fifty-two stories and critical introductions are organized chronologically as well as thematically for classroom use. Filled with luminous ideas, otherworldly adventures, and startling futuristic speculations, these stories will appeal to all readers as they chart the emergence and evolution of science fiction as a modern literary genre. They also provide a fascinating look at how our Western technoculture has imaginatively expressed its hopes and fears from the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century to the digital age of today. A free online teacher’s guide at accompanies the anthology and offers access to a host of pedagogical aids for using this book in an academic setting.

The stories in this anthology have been selected and introduced by the editors of Science Fiction Studies, the world’s most respected journal for the critical study of science fiction.


“No institutional library should be without this truly phenomenal volume, and non-academic readers will greatly appreciate the bargain-basement price on the trade paperback edition.”—Publishers Weekly

“This big book is both a thrilling and entertaining and a convincing argument for the way SF can refresh the mind, play boldly with form and reflect its era creatively – in other words, what all good literature should do.”—Ed Park, Los Angeles Times

“This anthology offers an overview from the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Jules Verne to those of William Gibson - so thorough with its brief, informative analyses at the start of each story, reading this collection is like taking a course without the bother of tests.”—Eve Ottenberg, Washington City Paper

"[W]hat has notably been missing is an anthology that bridges the gap between the classroom and the general reader, a book that is both an excellent teaching tool and a pretty good overview of the field for SF Readers who began their reading in the 1980s or later … The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction is very nearly that book, and is almost certainly the most useful SF teaching and historical anthology now available."—Gary K. Wolfe, Locus magazine

"[I]t comes closer to perfection … than any single-volume collection of science fiction short stories I have seen. The six editors … have selected the contents with care, highlighting the heterogeneous nature of the field in almost every respect, from gender and race to subject matter and stylistic approach."—Paul Witcover, Locus

“The stories in The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction reveal modern, written sf to be a mature, flexible, often sophisticated way to tell tales whose concerns are those of realistic literature … but whose focus is on the impact of science and technology. The Wesleyan Anthology succeeds brilliantly.”—Michael A. Morrison, World Literature Today

“It’s an absolutely knockout collection that belongs on ever serious collector’s shelf.”—John O'Neill, Black Gate Magazine

“[I]f the story is good people will flock to it. This seems to be the operative philosophy of The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction.”—Alan Bisbort, Sunday Republican


"This is an excellent collection of one of world literature's greatest treasure troves: the science fiction short story in English. The stories form a kind of history of the genre, and are a continuous reading pleasure."—Kim Stanley Robinson, author of the Mars Trilogy and The Years of Rice and Salt

"The key word here is megatext. The Wesleyan Anthology presents the best sample from today's sf megatext—the 'fictive universe that includes all the sf stories that have ever been told,' as the Wesleyan's editors neatly put it—that I could imagine fitting between two covers. Every story feels necessary to the whole. And the whole is a lure for readers, for teachers who want to inspire their classes, for all of us who care about understanding the turbulent world about us."—John Clute, editor of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
Wesleyan University Press

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792 Pages
$85.00 USD

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