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December 1, 2016
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The Web of Buddhist Wisdom

An Introduction to the Psychology of the Abhidhamma

Long before the advent of modern psychology, Buddhism offered ways to understand body and mind through introspection and meditation. These efforts yielded a thorough and detailed classification and analysis of mental and physical phenomena, known as the Abhidhamma.

The Web of Buddhist Wisdom is a clear and accessible explanation of important themes of the Abhidhamma, such as consciousness, mental concomitants, physicality, and the experience of Enlightenment. In addition, he addresses the law of kamma, the process of dying and rebirth, the four Noble Truths and the value of the Abhidhamma. This is a rich and accessible guide for anyone who is interested in the workings of the human mind. It offers a clear and simple acquaintance with the world of the Abhidhamma, an old yet very accurate mirror of our existence.

About the Author

Frits Koster teaches vipassana meditation and mindfulness across Europe. He has written several books on Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness.
Silkworm Books

9786162151095 : the-web-of-buddhist-wisdom-koster
Paperback / softback
254 Pages
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