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March 15, 2012
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The Way of the Bachelor

Early Chinese Settlement in Manitoba

The lives of early Japanese and Chinese settlers in British Columbia have come to define the Asian experience in Canada. Yet many men travelled beyond British Columbia to settle in small prairie towns and cities. Chinese bachelors opened the region's first laundries and Chinese cafes. They maintained ties to the Old World and negotiated a place in the new by fostering a vibrant homosocial culture based on friendship, everyday religious practices, the example of Sun Yat-sen, and the sharing of food. This exploration of the intersection of gender and migration in rural Canada offers new takes on the Chinese quest for identity in North America.


"The Way of the Bachelor enriches our understanding of the Chinese immigrant experience by drawing attention to the life of these new Canadians outside of coastal areas or large urban centres. The harsh environment of the prairies and the paucity of population provided a unique social context for Chinese immigrants. Marshall provides an intimate and moving portrayal of the lives of these individuals, drawing on local newspapers, interviews, and various archival materials. Her book will be appreciated by scholars, while being very accessible to students and general readers."—Paul Crowe, Director, David Lam Centre, Simon Fraser University

"The Way of the Bachelor is a beautiful, deeply moving portrait of the lived experience of Chinese immigrants in Manitoba. Through carefully nuanced historical and ethnographic analyses, Marshall explores the everyday practices and rituals through which these immigrants defined and transformed their relationships to each other and their community. Her book opens up a host of new perspectives on Chinese religions in practice and on the immigrant experience."—Michael Puett, author of To Become a God: Cosmology, Sacrifice, and Self—Divinization in Early China

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