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December 23, 2015
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The Violence of the Green Revolution

Third World Agriculture, Ecology, and Politics

The Green Revolution has been heralded as a political and technological achievement—unprecedented in human history. Yet in the decades that have followed it, this supposedly nonviolent revolution has left lands ravaged by violence and ecological scarcity. A dedicated empiricist, Vandana Shiva takes a magnifying glass to the effects of the Green Revolution in India, examining the devastating effects of monoculture and commercial agriculture and revealing the nuanced relationship between ecological destruction and poverty. In this classic work, the influential activist and scholar also looks to the future as she examines new developments in gene technology.

About the Author

Vandana Shiva is the director of Navdanya in India. A physicist, philosopher, and feminist, she is the author of more than twenty books and the recipient of more than twenty international awards.


"Vandana Shiva is one of the world's most prominent radical scientists."—Guardian

"So many crucial questions are raised in this book. . . . [It presents] an important thesis about the realignment of social groups that deserves careful analysis"—Agricultural History

"Most welcome. . . . Vandana Shiva draws renewed attention to the impact on Indian agriculture of the Green Revolution and its transformation into the biotechnological revolution. . . . Raises important questions for contemporary analyses of ecological distress and economic restructuring."—Science and Society

"Shiva treats the Green Revolution as an example of scientific hubris, an attempt to use science to overcome the natural limitations of agriculture, primarily for a political purpose."—Journal of Asian Studies

9780813166544 : the-violence-of-the-green-revolution-shiva
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