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July 21, 1973
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The Use of Tôrâ by Isaiah

His Debate With the Wisdom Tradition

A careful, scholarly investigation into Isaiah's relationship to the wisdom circles of his day, and a critique of the practitioners of wisdom in their role as advisers in the royal court and as shapers of royal policy. Presents Isaiah's own view on YHWH's plan and action in history. His use of tôrâ is not priestly or legal or for the prophetic word, but means "wise instruction," as in the wisdom tradition. Careful exegesis of Isaiah's use of the passages in which tôrâ occurs (Isa 1:10; 2:3; 5:24; 8:16.20; 30:9).

About the Author

Joseph Jensen, O.S.B. was the Executive Secretary of the Catholic Biblical Association of America from 1970 to 2012.

9780915170029 : the-use-of-tora-by-isaiah-jensen
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