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July 10, 1985
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The Ukrainian Impact on Russian Culture 1750-1850

This nine-chapter study, based largely on original research in the archives of Moscow and St. Petersburg, sheds new light on the role played in Russian cultural development by those Ukrainians who chose to identify themselves with the Russian Empire. By stressing the native, Slavic aspects of imperial culture, Ukrainians modified the Russians's understanding of what it meant to be Russian, preventing them from becoming wholly dependent on contemporary Western Europe. In a wide-ranging, richly detailed analysis, David Saunders shows how this impact was achieved by Ukrainian educators, writers, journalists, scholars, and political figures.

About the Author

David Saunders is Professor of Russian History at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. He is the author of Russia in the Age of Reaction and Reform 1801-1881. He has also published dozens of articles in professional journals and contributed to the CIUS publication Loyalties in Conflict. The present work is based on his doctoral dissertation, which was completed at St. Anthony's College, Oxford University.
University of Alberta Press

9780920862346 : the-ukrainian-impact-on-russian-culture-1750-1850-saunders
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