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May 4, 1984
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The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

John Fox Jr. published this great romantic novel of the Cumberland Mountains of Kentucky and Virginia in 1908, and the book quickly became one of America's favorites. It has all the elements of a good romance—a superior but natural heroine, a hero who is an agent of progress and enlightenment, a group of supposedly benighted mountaineers to be drawn into the flow of mainstream American culture, a generous dose of social and class struggle, and a setting among the misty coves and cliffs of the blue Cumberlands.

Reprinted with a foreword by John Ed Pearce, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine has all the excitement and poignance that caught and held readers' interest when the book first appeared.

About the Author

John Fox Jr. (1863–1919), author of The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come and many other books, remains one of Kentucky best-known and most popular writers.


"A classic of Appalachian literature. Through this romance runs the social and political drama of eastern Kentucky's mountain people. . . . Fox can help us, even now, to consider what Appalachia finally means to its people."—Appalachian Journal
University Press of Kentucky

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