November 8, 2019
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The Timeless Heritage of Thailand

From artifacts of ancient pre-Thai civilizations to achievements of the Thai kingdom in the early twentieth century, the enduring vestiges and persistent vitality of Thai heritage continue to entice visitors, residents, and researchers.

Photographer and author Jim Wageman traveled to both well-known and little-visited sites throughout Thailand to capture images that convey the breadth and intricacy of the country's heritage. Wageman presents his images in a gorgeous layout that is matched by solid, well-researched captions and explanations. Beautiful and incisive, The Timeless Heritage of Thailand is an outstanding compendium for anyone fascinated by the treasures of Thailand's cultural heritage.

About the Authors

Jim Wageman is an award-winning former art director and designer at leading illustrated-book publishers and former director of graphic design at New York's Museum of Modern Art. William Chapman is interim dean of the School of Architecture, University of Hawai'i at Manoa.
Silkworm Books

9786162151514 : the-timeless-heritage-of-thailand-wageman-chapman
304 Pages
$60.00 USD

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