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March 15, 2020
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The Story of Sidonie C

Freud's famous "case of female homosexuality"

Edited by Ines Rieder and Diana Voigt
Translated by Jill Hannum
Now finally available in English, this biography of Margarethe Csonka-Trautenegg (1900–1999) offers a fully-rounded picture of a willful and psychologically complex aesthete. As Freud's never-before-identified "case of female homosexuality", her analysis continues to spark often heated psychoanalytic debate. Margarethe's ("Sidonie's") experiences spanned the twentieth century. Jewish by birth, she fled upper-class life in Vienna for Cuba to escape the Nazis, only to return post-war to a "leaden" city and relative poverty. Fleeing again, she took various jobs abroad, and returned permanently only in old age. The interviews and taped oral histories that form the basis of this book were produced during the final five of her years. Well-researched historical background information supplements the story of Margarethe's journey across time and continents.

About the Authors

Ines Rieder (1954–2015), writer, activist, archivist, curator, translator, historian and internationalist.
Helena History Press

9781943596126 : the-story-of-sidonie-c-rieder-voigt-hannum
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525 Pages
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