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November 18, 2016
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The Quotable Augustine

Augustine of Hippo is one of the most well-loved and most thought provoking writers of the early church. He is also one of the most quotable. In this slim volume, some of the saint's memorable, pithy, controversial, and often feisty sayings are gathered in topics that range from war to peace; grief to happiness; vice to virtue; and from heaven to hell. He speaks—and speaks out—on things theological, such as sin and salvation, but also on the life of the mind—on books, education, teaching, and knowledge.

This book is ideal for those who wish to read some of the wisest and most wonderful sayings of Augustine. It will help all those who wish to pepper a speech, or a sermon, or an essay with the wisdom of Saint Augustine. The book is a valuable resource, too, for anyone who wants to find out "Did Augustine really say that?" and, if he did, in which of his voluminous writings it appeared. Drawn from the internationally acclaimed and successful series, the 'Fathers of the Church,' The Quotable Augustine presents a wide-ranging sample of the writings of a towering figure of the early church.

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