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July 15, 2014
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The Public Papers of Governor Bert T. Combs


This volume presents the most important public papers of Bert T. Combs during the four years he served as governor of Kentucky. Arranged chronologically, the papers reveal the policy of the Combs administration as it evolved in the early years of the 1960s and show how the governor dealt with varying concurrent problems.

Although this collection is not intended as a definitive statement of the Combs administration, it provides important source material that will enable historians to study the broad spectrum of issues faced by the people of the Commonwealth at a time when considerable government-inspired change was occurring.

John Ed Pearce has provided a perceptive introductory essay to the volume. The appendix offers a complete listing of speeches delivered by Governor Combs during his term of office.

About the Authors

George William Robinson is professor of history and chairman of the department at Eastern Kentucky University.

9780813151755 : the-public-papers-of-governor-bert-t-combs-combs-robinson-pearce
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