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May 26, 2023
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The Power of Patristic Preaching

The Word in Our Flesh

The Word made flesh is manifested in the lives of those dedicated to his proclamation. The Power of Patristic Preaching: The Word in Our Flesh presents seven early preachers who show, by life and speech, the divine Word's power at work in weak human life.

The book is inspired by this question preached by Origen, "For what does it profit if I should say that Jesus has come in that flesh alone which he received from Mary and I should not show also that he has come in this flesh of mine?" In seven chapters, The Power of Patristic Preaching studies the exemplars of Origen for holiness, Ephrem for the humility of repentance, Gregory of Nazianzus for purification and faith, John Chrysostom for the hope of salvation, Augustine for love, Leo the Great for love of the poor and the weak, and Gregory the Great for accepting our own weakness. 

With an emphasis on the incarnation, deification through the virtues, and proclamation, The Power of Patristic Preaching serves as a resource for those dedicated to the ministry of the Word (clerical, religious, and lay), and as a text for students of early Christian theology and practices. A Catholic work for a broad ecumenical audience, the book gives a cry from the heart in a suffering Church traveling through a world that is passing away.

About the Authors

Andrew Hofer, OP, is associate professor of patristics and ancient languages at the Dominican House of Studies, Washington, DC and the editor of The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly Review. Paul M. Blowers is the Dean E. Walker Professor of Church History, Milligan University.


"In Hofer's learned yet eminently accessible study, we encounter seven great patristic preachers who, despite their human faults, powerfully communicated the Word made flesh in their own flesh to empower their hearers to live more Christlike lives, in which God with the least of us is made visible.  The Power of Patristic Preaching is a rich exploration that will inspire today's proclaimers and hearers of the Word to embody more fully Christ's presence in the world."—Jennifer Herdt, Yale University

9780813236537 : the-power-of-patristic-preaching-hofer-blowers
Paperback / softback
May 26, 2023
$34.95 USD