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August 10, 2014
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The Politics of Early Language Teaching

Hungarian in the Primary Schools of the Late Dual Monarchy

Disseminating knowledge of the state language to the non-Magyar half of the citizenry was a policy priority of the government of the Hungarian Kingdom between the 1870s and the First World War. Drawing on a wide array of sources, The Politics of Early Language Teaching provides an in-depth look at how Hungarian was taught to ethnic Romanian and German children in the south-eastern tracts of the Habsburg Empire. The monograph covers the ever-harshening legislation from the period, reconsidering the role of state supervision and exploring the contemporary methodological debates as well as taking a closer look at classroom practices. Not only does the book throw much light in comparative mode on one of Europe s great early experiments in linguistic engineering; but it provides many new insights into Dualist Hungary s competing national ideologies and the limits of their efficacy on the ground.
Pasts Inc., Center for Historical Studies, CEU

9789638853882 : the-politics-of-early-language-teaching-berecz
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