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July 7, 2019
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The Poetry Witch Little Book of Spells


Wings choose the wind; sing us aware;
Muse; spin; weave; spell; create in air

In this micro-book, acclaimed "Poetry-Witch" Annie Finch harvests her Spells, spun at the intersection of magic, word, and world. These ritual poems invite readers to experience words not just in the mind, but also in the body and spirit. Celebrated for her extraordinary love and knowledge of poetic craft and commitment to female, earth-centered spirituality, Finch has created a haunting innovative voice and radically traditional aesthetic. As she observes in the book's preface, "Like sticky seeds when you brush past, these spells latched onto me, ready to be carried to you—to your power, your contemplative life, your ability to make change. Say them aloud, if you can; say them thrice, if you will. Use them to help you to cast a circle, turn the year, coven, create, invoke."

About the Author

ANNIE FINCH is the author of numerous books of poetry, including Calendars, The Encyclopedia of Scotland, Among the Goddesses, Eve, and Spells: New and Selected Poems. Her work explores poetic ritual language, feminism, and earth-centered spirituality.
Wesleyan University Press

9780819579102 : the-poetry-witch-little-book-of-spells-finch
Paperback / softback
July 7, 2019
$6.95 USD

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