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November 21, 2013
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The Peruvian Four-Selvaged Cloth

Ancient Threads / New Directions

In this beautifully illustrated book, textile expert Elena Phipps examines the ancient Peruvian process of weaving textiles with four finished selvages, or edges. Without cutting a thread, master Peruvian weavers wove each textile to the specifications of its intended use, whether a child's garment, royal mantle, or ritual cloth. This weaving technique required the highest level of skill and forethought and reflects a high cultural value placed on maintaining the integrity of cloth—not only its design and function but also the very way in which it was constructed. The resultant textiles have long been admired for their mastery of color, technique, and design.

While exploring the origins and development of this approach to weaving, Phipps also examines its influence on three contemporary artists—Sheila Hicks, James Bassler, and John Cohen—all of whom have considered ancient Peruvian weaving processes in their own work.

About the Author

Elena Phipps is the author of Cochineal Red: The Art History of a Color and Looking at Textiles: A Guide to Technical Terminology.
Fowler Museum at UCLA

9780984755059 : the-peruvian-four-selvaged-cloth-phipps
Paperback / softback
96 Pages
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