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November 5, 1992
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The Novels of Nadine Gordimer, Second edition, with a new Prologue

History from the Inside

In Nadine Gordimer's view, the novel can present history as historians cannot. Moreover, this presentation is not fictional in the sense of being "untrue." Rather, fiction deals with an area of activity usually inaccessible to the sciences of greater externally: the area in which historical process is registered as the subjective experience of individuals in society; fiction give us "history from the inside." Gordimer's novels give us an extraordinary and unique insight into historical experience in the period in which she writes.

About the Author

A native of South Africa, Stephen Clingman is associate professor of English at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is editor of Nadine Gordimer's The Essential Gesture: Writing, Politics, and Places.


"Remarkable, both for [Clingman's] brilliant presentation of Gordimer's ideas and development as a writer, and for offering perhaps the most subtle and persuasive understanding of the relationship between literature and history to emerge from over a decade of literary research in southern Africa. . . . [The book] is a turning point in the study of South African literature."—Johannesberg Weekly Mail

"A brilliant, subtle, somber, and precise book. . . . Both as tribute and analysis, it is essential reading."—African Affairs

"Each of [Gordimer's] major works is discussed against the political background of its time—the atmosphere, events, and legislation—as well as literary and philosophical influences on her thinking. These are interrelated with the development of her style. . . . A superb and exhaustive study."—South African Cape Times

"Stands as an important intervention into the current theoretical debates and ideological controversies which engage contemporary literacy and cultural critical practices as these are being challenged by Third World, or nonhegemonic, literatures."—Research in African Literatures

"This brief overview cannot suggest the rich wisdom that Clingman's book offers. He presents a range of complex literary and political ideas in language of exemplary style and grace. He also gives penetrating readings of major political and social movement in South Africa and offers as well illuminating analyses of developments within South African literature in which he situates Gordimer's work intelligently and imaginatively. . . . It is a book of tremendous wisdom and should find its way on the book shelf of any person who thinks seriously about South Africa."—Johannesberg Star
University of Massachusetts Press
Second edition, with a new Prologue

9780870238024 : the-novels-of-nadine-gordimer-2nd-edition-clingman
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