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May 11, 2019
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The Nature of Canada

Intended to delight and provoke, these short, beautifully crafted essays, enlivened with photos and illustrations, explore how humans have engaged with the Canadian environment and what those interactions say about the nature of Canada. Tracing a path from the Ice Age to the Anthropocene, some of the foremost stars in the field of environmental history reflect on how Canadians have idolized and found inspiration in nature even as fishers, fur traders, farmers, foresters, miners, and city planners have commodified it or tried to tame it. Their insights are just what is needed as Canada attempts to reconcile the opposing goals of prosperity and preservation.

About the Authors

Colin M. Coates is the author of The Metamorphoses of Landscape and Community in Early Quebec and editor of Canadian Countercultures and the Environment. Graeme Wynn is the author of Canada and Arctic North America: An Environmental History and the president of the American Society for Environmental History. Contributors: Jennifer Bonnell, Claire Campbell, Colin M. Coates, Julie Cruikshank, Ken Cruikshank, Michèle Dagenais, Joanna Dean, Stephen J. Hornsby, Arn Keeling, Tina Loo, Heather E. McGregor, Steve Penfold, Liza Piper, John Sandlos, Graeme Wynn
UBC Press

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