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January 1, 1997
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The Myth of the Savage and the Beginnings of French Colonialism in the Americas

A classic study of early contact between European explorers and North American natives. When the two cultures met in the fifteenth century, it meant great upheavals for the Amerindians, but strengthened the Europeans' move toward nation-states and capitalism.

About the Author

When Olive Dickason discovered that she had Metis ancestry, she began to wonder about Canada before Europeans. As she learned more about that too-often ignored past, her country took on a whole new aspect. Exploring its history became a personal quest, all the more focussed because the heritage of her mixed ancestry had been reinforced during her early years by living on the land in Manitoba's north, hunting and trapping. She ended her career a professor of History at the University of Alberta.
University of Alberta Press

9780888640369 : the-myth-of-the-savage-and-the-beginnings-of-french-colonialism-in-the-americas-dickason
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416 Pages
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