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July 14, 2009
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The Meteorites of Alberta

Not every rock is of an earthly nature. Meteorites are our windows to other worlds, affording us rare glimpses of our own solar system when it was young. In The Meteorites of Alberta, Anthony J. Whyte offers a fresh perspective on the scientific research as well as the local, human history behind sixteen major meteorite falls and finds in Alberta. These detailed accounts of otherworldly rocks—with additional chapters on meteorite observation and recovery in Alberta, and an Alberta connection to the meteorite that killed off the dinosaurs—will fascinate amateur rockhounds and meteoriticists alike.

About the Authors

Born in Alberta, Anthony J. Whyte is a Life Member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and author of The Planet Pluto. In addition to astronomy and science writing, Anthony enjoys gardening, book collecting, and travelling. He lives in Edmonton with his wife Annie, daughters Tanya and Andrea, and cat, Keishka.
University of Alberta Press

9780888644756 : the-meteorites-of-alberta-whyte-herd
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