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July 11, 2019
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The Man Who Lived with a Giant

Stories from Johnny Neyelle, Dene Elder

Our parents always taught us well. They told us to look on the good side of life and to accept what has to happen. The Man Who Lived with a Giant is a collection of traditional and personal stories told by Johnny Neyelle, a Dene Elder from Déline, Northwest Territories. Johnny used storytelling to teach Dene youth and others to understand and celebrate Dene traditions and knowledge. Johnny's voice makes his stories accessible to readers young and old, and his wisdom reinforces the right way to live: in harmony with people and places. Storytelling forms the core of Dene knowledge-keeping, making this a vital book for Dene people of today and tomorrow, researchers working with Indigenous cultures and oral histories, and all those dedicated to preserving Elders' stories.

About the Authors

Alana Fletcher received the Governor General's Academic Gold Medal for her doctoral work on the community of Déline, which she completed at Queen's University. Morris Neyelle is a residential school survivor and a sub-chief on the Déline band council.


"[Johnny Neyelle's] recorded stories were meticulously translated by his son Morris Neyelle and editor Alana Fletcher to blossom into this beautiful memoire, which is truly a guide to being... An invaluable road map, a gift from Johnny Neyelle that will help guide the people of Denedeh and everyone else to a positive life."—Deborah Shatz

"The stories were told in Sahtúot'įn Yat and recorded on tape, and then transcribed and translated collaboratively by Morris Neyelle and Fletcher. Interspersed through both sections [of stories] are photos of the Neyelle family, and at the end are a family genealogy and a glossary.... The afterword, on the editing process, is an important part of understanding the translation and redaction methods used in creating this collection." [Full review at]—Jasmine Spencer, Canadian Literature


"I am in awe of what you are holding and witnessing with The Man Who Lived with a Giant. Reminiscent of George Blondin's When the World was New and Trail of the Spirit, this book is not only a treasure for the people of Denendeh, it is a garden of renewal for the world to learn from."—Richard Van Camp, Writer

"Johnny's traditional and life stories are nothing short of exquisite, offering an important window into Dene traditions and history. What a find!"—Ruth DyckFehderau, Writer, The Sweet Bloods of Eeyou Istchee: Stories of Diabetes and the James Bay Cree

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