October 1, 1999
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November 1, 1999
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The Literary History of Alberta Volume Two

From the End of the War to the End of the Century

In this, the companion to the landmark volume The Literary History of Alberta, Volume One: From Writing-on-Stone to World War Two, George Melnyk examines Alberta literature in the second half of the twentieth century. At last, Melnyk argues, Alberta writers have found their voice—and their accomplishments have been remarkable. The contradictory landscape, the stereotypes of the Indian, the Mountie, and the Cowboy, and the language of the Other, speaking from the margins—these elements all left their impressions on the consciousness of early Alberta. But writers in the last few decades have turned this inheritance to their advantage, to create compelling stories about this place and its people. Today, Melnyk discovers, Alberta writers can appreciate not only this achievement, but also its essential source: the symbolic communication of Writing-on-Stone. The Literary History of Alberta, Volume Two extends the study of Alberta's cultural history to the present day. It is a vital text for anyone interested in Alberta's vibrant literary culture.

About the Author

George Melnyk is a cultural historian who has published some twenty books in a distinguished career, including works of philosophy, history, politics, and poetry. He teaches in the Faculty of Communication and Culture at the University of Calgary, where he specializes in Canadian cinema.


"Both volumes sit on my desk and sometimes get daily reference. I can say or give no better endorsement to this second volume than to say it made me want to read the books discussed." Gordon Morash, Edmonton Journal

"poses a radical challenge to the literary status quo.. The Literary History of Alberta offers tantalizing glimpses into previously unfamiliar prairie literary terrain and provides an initial step in the incorporation of early Native oral, incised, and painted 'texts' into that terrain. Of equal importance, The Literary History of Alberta challenges the hegemony within Canada of the combined literatures of just two other provinces -Ontario and Quebec- which still today often masquerade under the pseudonym of 'The Canadian Literary Tradition.' George Melnyk's book marks a significant contribution to the study and appreciation of the literature of the North American Plains." Pamela Banting, Great Plains Quarterly (U of Nebraska)
University of Alberta Press
Alberta Reflections

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