October 9, 2018
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March 1, 2019
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The Last Suffragist Standing

The Life and Times of Laura Marshall Jamieson

The Last Suffragist Standing is an unprecedented study of a pioneering politician, a New Woman who tested Canadian democracy. Laura Marshall Jamieson (1882–1964) was the last suffragist in Canada to be elected to a provincial or federal legislature, and her biography opens a window into the political and social landscape of her time. She embraced issues such as minimum wage, feminist pacifism, housing, and employment equality throughout her six decades of activism. StrongBoag's deep knowledge of the history of the women's movement and Canadian politics turns this compelling account of a woman's life into an illuminating work on the history of feminism, socialism, internationalism, and activism in Canada.

About the Author

Veronica StrongBoag is a feminist historian with a special interest in the stories of Canada.

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