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April 1, 2019
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The Knowable Emotions


Heikki Huotari's poems oscillate between intense moments of scientific clarity and absurdist pirouettes that remind us that, while the "world" may be a dance of entropic chaos screened by a thin veneer of rational apology, the universe is largely a laughing matter. His work is absolute proof that Surrealism is not dead.

About the Author

Heikki Huotari attended the graduate writing program at the University of Massachusetts for one year and then went on to a doctorate in mathematics. He became a professor and held down a corner of the "study of statistical inference and the shape of the related metric spaces." Upon retirement from academia in 2012, he went straight back to poetry. His books include Tooth and Shoe and Fractal Idyll.


"With a wink to tradition and a nod to semantics, Heikki Huotari's lively poems shatter our sense of what is possible within each small window pane of language. The work of these musical pieces is to reinvent poems, often in the shape of prose, while referencing scientific theories, dropping names and asking, one way or another, 'where am I?—by which he means 'where are we?' Over and over we find Huotari's mesmerizing speaker world-reporting on the comically urgent, the seriously absurd, always from his beautiful 'designated remote protest zone,' a zone we can now hold in our hands."—Trey Moody
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