April 11, 2003
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The Kentucky Mint Julep

The ultimate guide to the quintessential Derby drink! A simple concoction—bourbon, mint, sugar, and water—the mint julep is legendary. Few people know its history and even fewer know how to properly mix this classic cocktail. Lighthearted, entertaining, and informative, The Kentucky Mint Julep explores the lore and legend of the Kentucky Derby's traditional tipple. Joe Nickell looks at the origins of the julep, offers a brief history of American whiskey and Kentucky bourbon, and shares some classic julep tales. Information on julep cups, tips on garnishing and serving, and reminiscences from the likes of Charles Dickens, Washington Irving, and General John Hunt Morgan give a fun, historic look at Kentucky's favorite drink. The book includes numerous recipes—for classic juleps, modern variations, non-alcoholic versions, and the author's own thoroughly researched "perfect" mint julep. This delightful book is illustrated with historic photographs, a map of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and more.


"An entertaining look at the lore, legend and favored formulas for one of America's most storied cocktails."—Baltimore Sun; Glens Falls (NY) Post-Star, Passaic (NJ) Herald News, Duluth (MN)

"Nickell gives us the history and lore of the beverage as well as a travel guide to Kentucky's Bourbon Trail. He adds plenty of recipes, both traditional and modern, and even a page for writing your own."—Bloomsbury Review

"An enjoyable foray through the history and legend of one of the south's most recognizable symbols."—Chevy Chaser/Southsider

"Presents information you will find nowhere else. . . . The recipes run from the basic to fancy ones using champagne or added flavors, making it a great resource for entertaining. Any fan of the derby or mint juleps will find this book a charming addition to their shelf."—Horse-Races.net

"A delightful addition to kitchen libraries in and outside the Bluegrass."—Kentucky Monthly

"A lovely little book. Nickell offers tips on how to make the perfect mint julep [and] provides historic julep recipes from such luminaries as Henry Clay and Irvin S. Cobb. You learn a great deal about Kentucky's official state drink."—Louisville Courier-Journal

"Short and frequently as sweet as the drink it covers, The Kentucky Mint Julep is a fun, refreshing read."—Manchester (NH) Hippo

"Mint, syrup, bourbon. Horse-racing fans instantly recognize those ingredients for a mint julep, the signature cocktail of the Kentucky Derby. The book has more than 20 recipes. . . . It's definitely a book to read before you buy silver julep cups."—New York Times

"The mint julep . . . the legend, the Southern signature, the Derby Dream. Here it is—and pay attention to the ingredients. Substitutions don't cut it."—Rockland (ME) Courier-Gazette

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96 Pages
$14.95 USD

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