September 25, 2019
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The Impossible Clinic

A Critical Sociology of Evidence-Based Medicine

The Impossible Clinic explores the conundrum of evidence-based medicine's (EBM) attempt to translate evidence from medical research into recommendations for practice. Ironically, when medical institutions combine disciplinary regulations with EBM to produce clinical practice guidelines, the outcomes are antithetical to the aim. Such guidelines fail to increase individual physicians' capacity to judge – as EBM promises – because they externalize judgment while imposing disciplinary control. The Impossible Clinic is the first book to interrogate the history, practice, and the pitfalls of EBM and how it persists due to intersecting relationships between professional medical regulation and liberal governance strategies.

About the Author

Ariane Hanemaayer is an assistant professor of sociology at Brandon University. With Christopher J. Schneider, she is the co-editor of The Public Sociology Debate: Ethics and Engagement (2014).
UBC Press

9780774862073 : the-impossible-clinic-hanemaayer
September 25, 2019
$89.95 USD

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