May 2, 2023
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The Ice Book

Cool Cubes, Clear Spheres, and Other Chill Cocktail Crafts

Ice. It's frozen water, so what's the big deal? Just as drinking champagne from a flute instead of a plastic cup changes the experience, good ice can drastically improve your beverage.

In The Ice Book, cocktails and spirits expert Camper English details how to use directional freezing, which eliminates trapped air and impurities, to create the ultimate drink garnish. Taking it a step further, English reveals how to include objects in ice, from flowers to citrus wheels to photos, as well as how to use ice to create bowls and cups for serving. Featuring striking color photos throughout, this handy guide offers clear directions; suggestions for projects and experiments; practical advice on how to store ice properly; and recommendations on what types of ice—cracked, crushed, or cubed—go best with which drinks.

Both instructional and inspirational, The Ice Book will help you take your beverages to the next level while learning a little science along the way.

About the Author

Camper English is author of Doctors and Distillers: The Remarkable Medicine History of Beer, Wine, Spirits, and Cocktails. He is a cocktails and spirits writer and speaker who has covered the craft cocktail renaissance and contributed to more than 50 publications, including Popular Science, Saveur, Details, Whisky Advocate, and Drinks International. After much experimentation, in 2009 he revealed a simple method for making clear ice that is now used all over the world. He has since written dozens of articles and given talks about ice internationally, including once in Iceland. He is based in San Francisco.


"Camper English is the American booze world's ice savant." —Men's Health  "Perhaps the pre-eminent cocktail ice scholar." —The Guardian "The San Francisco-based cocktail writer has carved out a niche for himself as a clear-ice zealot, preaching the virtues of directional freezing—a method by which crystal clear ice can be achieved—in both articles and seminars." —Punch "Camper English, who writes about cocktails and spirits and pioneered the technique that most professionals now use to make ice (after experimenting with the frozen stuff for a decade)." —New York Magazine's The Strategist"—, reviewing a previous edition or volume

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May 2, 2023
$22.00 USD