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October 31, 2016
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The Hurdy-Gurdy in Eighteenth-Century France, Second Edition, Second Edition

The hurdy-gurdy, or vielle, has been part of European musical life since the eleventh century. In eighteenth-century France, improvements in its sound and appearance led to its use in chamber ensembles. This new and expanded edition of The Hurdy-Gurdy in Eighteenth-Century France offers the definitive introduction to the classic stringed instrument. Robert A. Green discusses the techniques of playing the hurdy-gurdy and the interpretation of its music, based on existing methods and on his own experience as a performer. The list of extant music includes new pieces discovered within the last decade and provides new historical context for the instrument and its role in eighteenth-century French culture.

About the Author

Robert A. Green is Professor Emeritus of Music at Northern Illinois University and has performed the baroque repertory for hurdy-gurdy throughout the United States, France, and Israel. He has made two recordings of eighteenth-century French music for hurdy-gurdy for the Focus label. Since 1995 he has taught a workshop devoted to this music.


"The hurdy-gurdy is currently enjoying a renaissance in early music circles. The second edition of Green's book offers an update that includes valuable new insights and is sure to inspire future performers to delve into the repertoire and performance practices of the period."—French History

"This book will be of value to anyone researching or intending to play the instrument and its delightful music."—Notes
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Second Edition

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