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August 5, 2020
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The Harvest and the Lamp

The Harvest and the Lamp, the third volume of the Colosseum Books series, is a singular collection of poems in a wide variety of forms and voices. Author Andrew Frisardi writes on fundamental human themes such as love and desire, death and grief, the nature of the self and self-transcendence in a tone that ranges from serious to witty to exuberant.

The poems are often set in Italy, where Frisardi has lived for a number of years, drawing on natural or concrete imagery as well as the imaginal or symbolic. Frisardi composes in a number of forms: sonnet and sestina, triolet and ghazal, nonce forms and free verse, gracefully and with a fresh use of diction and rhyme. As the late poet-translator Brett Foster put it, "Andrew Frisardi's [poems] are exquisitely made things, many angled and shining brightly. Ear, eye, and mind do their elegant, exact work."

Frisardi is an internationally noted translator and independent scholar of Dante, and Dante's impact appears directly or indirectly in much of his poetry, including a few translations in this volume. The poet-biographer Paul Mariani has written that in Frisardi's poetry one finds the "resins of the classics everywhere. Add wit, sensitivity, humor and the recurring shock of recognition, then sit back and enjoy what Andrew Frisardi has prepared for you. Then come back and taste again for the sheer pleasure of the company."

About the Author

Andrew Frisardi's poems have appeared in numerous magazines and journals, including The Atlantic, Hudson Review, and Kenyon Review as well as in a chapbook, Death of a Dissembler (White Violet Press, 2014). Frisardi has authored, translated, or edited several other books. His prose study Love's Scribe: Reading Dante in the Book of Creation was published in 2020 by Angelico Press. Frisardi's dual-language critical edition of Dante's Convivio was published by Cambridge University Press in 2018, and his annotated translation of Dante's Vita nova was published by Northwestern University Press in 2012.
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