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July 7, 2014
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The Gates Open Slowly

A History of Education in Kentucky

Education in Kentucky has developed slowly, and even now the state ranks low in the nation in providing public funds for the development of its human resources. In this book the author, who was president of the University of Kentucky from 1917 to 1940, traces the tortuous path of education in the state from the pioneer log schoolhouse to the modern universities of Kentucky and Louisville.

About the Author

Frank L. McVey has been a teacher, administrator, president of two state universities, chairman of a state tax commission, and member of many educational survey groups. Born in Wilmington, Ohio, he was educated in the public schools of Toledo and Des Moines, Iowa, graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, and received a Ph.D. degree from Yale University. In 1898 and in 1912 he traveled and studied in Europe. His earlier books are mainly in the fields of economics and political science. He came to Kentucky from the presidency of the University of North Dakota in 1917, and from that date until his retirement in 1940 he served the University of Kentucky as president.
University Press of Kentucky

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