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October 12, 2010
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The Final Forest

Big Trees, Forks, and the Pacific Northwest

2011 Outstanding Title, University Press Books for Public and Secondary School Libraries
Winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award

Before Forks, a small town on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, became famous as the location for Stephenie Meyer's Twilight book series, it was the self-proclaimed "Logging Capital of the World" and ground zero in a regional conflict over the fate of old-growth forests. Since Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist William Dietrich first published The Final Forest in 1992, logging in Forks has given way to tourism, but even with its new fame, Forks is still a home to loggers and others who make their living from the surrounding forests. The new edition recounts how forest policy and practices have changed since the early 1990s and also tells us what has happened in Forks and where the actors who were so important to the timber wars are now.

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About the Author

William Dietrich , a former science writer for the Seattle Times, is the author of Northwest Passage: The Great Columbia River and Natural Grace: The Charm, Wonder, and Lessons of Pacific Northwest Animals and Plants, as well as popular fiction.Winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award


"This is a mesmerizing story of the complexity of the relationships between forests and people that at once honors the uniqueness of places while spanning universal themes."—BC Studies

"Time has brought 'The Final Forest' acclaim as a realistic portrayal of a critical era for the West End communities."—Living on the Peninsula

"Dietrich's 1992 account of the timber wars on the Olympic Peninsula has been updated with a new preface and afterword that explains what some of the main characters have been up to and explores the irony of Forks, Wash., becoming an international destination as a result of the Twilight series."—The Oregonian

"Dietrich presents in an easy-to-read narrative style the point of view of various participants in this war, from the logger whose way of life is threatened to a biologist concerned with saving the Northern spotted owl. Highly recommended."—Library Journal

"A remarkably readable and lucid account."—Audubon Magazine

"The best book about the environment that I've read in a year."—Newsday


"In writing as lush as the threatened forests he describes, William Dietrich captures why the battle isn't merely for the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest and California but for the health of the planet itself."—Michael L. Fischer, former Executive Director, Sierra Club

"William Dietrich has gone to the heart of the greatest forest left in North America and returned with a clear and compelling story of why so many people are fighting over it. Like the towering firs of the Olympic Peninsula, this book will stand the test of time."—Timothy Egan, author of The Big Burn

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Paperback / softback
320 Pages
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