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November 1, 1986
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The Establishment of the Balkan National States, 1804-1920

This highly readable and thoroughly researched volume offers an excellent account of the development of seven Balkan peoples during the nineteenth and the first part of the twentieth centuries. Professors Charles and Barbara Jelavich have brought their rich knowledge of the Albanians, Bulgarians, Croatians, Greeks, Romanians, Serbians, and Slovenes to bear on every aspect of the area’s history--political, diplomatic, economic, social and cultural.

It took more than a century after the first Balkan uprising, that of the Serbians in 1804, for the Balkan people to free themselves from Ottoman and Habsburg rule. The Serbians and the Greeks were the first to do so; the Albanians, the Croatians, and the Slovenes the last. For each people the national revival took its own form and independence was achieved in its own way. The authors explore the contrasts and similarities among the peoples, within the context of the Ottoman Empire and Europe.


"To compress the complexities of Balkan history is no mean achievement. Students and history teachers will find this book invaluable.”—Slavic Review“A remarkable synthesis of the evolution of the peoples of southeastern Europe up to the achievement of their national independence."—Balkan Studies
University of Washington Press
A History of East Central Europe (HECE)

9780295964133 : the-establishment-of-the-balkan-national-states-1804-1920-jelavich-jelavich
Paperback / softback
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