September 30, 2019
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The Discovery of Being and Thomas Aquinas

Philosophical and Theological Perspectives

While there has been agreement among followers of Aquinas that being insofar as it is being (being qua being) is the subject of metaphysics, there is not agreement on how this being qua being is to be understood, nor on how we come to know the being that is the object of metaphysical investigation. The topic of what being is, as the object of the science of metaphysics, and how to account for the "discovery" of the being of metaphysics have emerged as central problems for the contemporary retrieval of Aquinas and for the larger project of post-Leonine Thomism in general. This lack of agreement has hampered the retrieval of Aquinas's metaphysics.

The collection of essays within The Discovery of Being and Thomas Aquinas is divided into three major parts: the first set of essays concerns the foundation of metaphysics within Thomism; the second set exemplifies the use of metaphysics in fundamental philosophical issues within Thomism; and the third set employs metaphysics in central theological issues.

The Discovery of Being and Thomas Aquinas allows major scholars of the different types of Thomism to engage in a full-scale defense of their position, as well as expanding Thomistic metaphysics to the discipline of theology in important ways.

About the Authors

Christopher M. Cullen, SJ is associate professor of philosophy at Fordham University. Franklin T. Harkins is associate professor of historical theology and Professor Ordinarius at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.


"Gathers some of our best Thomistic scholars (and some promising younger scholars) in one volume on a relatively well-defined set of issues."—Patrick Toner, Wake Forest University

"An excellent contribution to the current revival of interest in Aristotelian-Thomistic metaphysics and one that treats issues to which that revival has so far given insufficient attention."—Edward Feser , Pasadena City College

"If it ever was true, as some commentators have said, that interest in Thomism has declined in recent years, this magnificent collection displays the mature scholarship that exists currently in North American universities: lucidly written, thoroughly documented, the product of years of sustained research and deep personal engagement with themes of central and permanent significance in the thought of Thomas Aquinas, these essays each demand and deserve frequent re-reading."—Fergus Kerr, OP, FRSE, University of Oxford

"This excellent volume thematizes the surpassing significance of the centrality of Being in the thought of Thomas Aquinas and demonstrates its ongoing relevance for philosophy and theology. Substantial and splendidly argued chapters attend to the foundations of metaphysics and subsequently to the rich philosophical and theological perspectives that open up in light of the discovery of Being. This volume is a 'must read' for every student of Thomas Aquinas, the metaphysics of being, and philosophical theology. I most warmly commend this substantive contribution to the ongoing reception of the central intuition of Thomas Aquinas's philosophy—the discovery of Being."—Reinhard Hütter, author of Bound for Beatitude: A Thomistic Study in Eschatology and Ethics and Aquinas on Transubstantiation: The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist (both CUA Press)

9780813231877 : the-discovery-of-being-and-thomas-aquinas-cullen-harkins
328 Pages
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