July 6, 2021
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The Cinema of Sara Gómez

Reframing Revolution

Throughout the 1960s until her untimely death in 1974, Afro-Cuban filmmaker Sara Gómez engaged directly and courageously with the social, political, economic, and cultural transformations promised by the Cuban Revolution. 

Gómez directed numerous documentary films in 10 prolific years. She also made De cierta manera (One way or another), her only feature-length film. Her films navigate complex experiences of social class, race, and gender by reframing revolutionary citizenship, cultural memory, and political value. Not only have her inventive strategies become foundational to new Cuban cinema and feminist film culture, but they also continue to inspire media artists today who deal with issues of identity and difference. The Cinema of Sara Gómez assembles history, criticism, biography, methodology, and theory of Gómez's work in scholarly writing; interviews with friends and collaborators; the film script of De cierta manera; and a detailed and complete filmography.

Featuring striking images, this anthology reorients how we tell Cuban cinema history and how we think about the intersections of race, gender, and revolution. By addressing Gómez's entire body of work, The Cinema of Sara Gómez unpacks her complex life and gives weight to her groundbreaking cinema.

About the Authors

Susan Lord is Professor of Film and Media in the Cultural Studies Graduate Program and Director of the Vulnerable Media Lab at Queen's University. She is co-editor of Killing Women: The Visual Culture of Gender and Violence; New World Coming: The Sixties and the Shaping of Global Consciousness; and Fluid Screens, Expanded Cinema. As a member of the editorial collective for the journal Public: Art, Culture, Ideas, she has co-edited the issues "Havana" and "Archive/Counter-Archives". María Caridad Cumaná taught Film and Television at the University of Havana for 15 years. She was Chief Coordinator for the Audiovisual Portal for Latin American and Caribbean Cinema at the Foundation of New Latin American Cinema, co-authored A Look at Cuban Cinema, Latitudes of the Margin: Latin American Cinema before the Third Millennium, and co-edited My Havana: The Musical City of Carlos Varela. She was Field Producer in Havana for the documentary Out My Windows (NFB). She is currently an Adjunct Faculty at Miami Dade College.


"The Cinema of Sara Gómez: Reframing Revolution makes a notable contribution to the canon of film criticism related to Cuban revolutionary cinema, feminist filmmaking, representation and race, and Latin America's regional film movement. The study is as bold as it is nuanced, provoking a meaningful engagement with Cuba's dynamic filmmaking tradition, past and present."—Ann Marie Stock, author of On Location in Cuba: Street Filmmaking during Times of Transition

"It is only through work like this that we can begin to make sense of the profound contradictions of this period of Cuban history and art-making and, most importantly, of the decisively important interventions of Sara Gómez then and for the present."—Ana M. López, Tulane University

"The Cinema of Sara Gómez is an important and compelling volume. . . . It offers an enormous contribution to the fields of Cuban film studies and Afro-Cuban Studies and will undoubtedly be of interest to scholars of Cuban Studies more generally as well as those who work on women of color film studies."—Dara E. Goldman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"The release of this important critical anthology, alongside the release of the restorations, reinstates the work of Sara Gomez in the living archive of women film-makers and allwos her reintroduction into archives and counterarchives of Latin American cinema."—Juana Suarez - NYU MAP, Film Quarterly

"A must-read for those researching and teaching feminist documentaries, decolonial ethnography, and the histories of Latin American Cinema."—Leticia Berrizbeitia Añez, Jump Cut

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