October 22, 2021
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The Byzantine Platonists, 284-1453

This volume brings together articles by sixteen leading scholars on a cross-section of Platonists authors—Christian and non-Christian—from early through late Byzantium philosophy, including the Capaddocians, Cyril, Proclus, Damascius, Dionysius, George of Pisidia, Nicetas Stethatos, Nikephoros Choumenos, Psellos, and George Palamas. The reception of Byzantine thought in the Latin tradition is also considered. The articles collectively show development in the Greek East on ontological issues such as the doctrine of the soul, as well as theological concepts of the One/God and Trinity within a hierarchical universe. The volume considers exegetical questions relating to the use of Plato and the Platonists by Byzantine Christian authors.

About the Authors

Frederick Lauritzen is Historian at the Scuola Grande di San Marco, Venezia. Sarah Klitenic Wear is professor of classics, Franciscan University of Steubenville.

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October 22, 2021
$65.00 USD

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