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April 6, 2019
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The Book of Acts

Catholic, Orthodox, and Evangelical Readings

The Book of Acts: Catholic, Orthodox, and Evangelical Readings brings together leading Catholic, Orthodox, and Evangelical theologians to read and interpret the book of Acts from within their ecclesial tradition, while simultaneously engaging one another in critical dialogue.
Combining both theological exegesis and ecumenical dialogue, each chapter is uniquely structured to facilitate a rich reading of Scripture and an engaging though critical dialogue across the traditions. Each chapter begins with a main essay by either a Catholic, Orthodox, or Evangelical theologian on a section of the book of Acts; the main essay is followed by responses from theologians of the other two traditions. The chapter concludes with a final response from the main author. Readers are thus provided with not only a deep and engaging reading of the book of Acts but also the unfolding of a rich theological-ecumenical dialogue centered on Scripture.
Since the essays engage the Book of Acts from both a theological and ecumenical framework, anyone interested in understanding how our ecclesial traditions inform our reading of Scripture would do well to read this book, as would anyone interested in the book of Acts, ecumenical dialogue, and the theological interpretation of Scripture. The contributed essays are scholarly enough to be of value to graduate students and professional scholars, yet are written in a style that will be accessible to the general public.


"Offers an assortment of readings of the book of Acts, not from a traditional exegetical position, but from a variety of theological perspectives. Provides an opportunity to genuinely learn from one anothera significant contribution for studies on the interpretation of the book of Acts, as well as the fields of theological hermeneutics and ecumenical interpretation of Scripture."—D. Jeffrey Bingham, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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Paperback / softback
April 6, 2019
$34.95 USD

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