December 18, 2017
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The Bible and Early Trinitarian Theology

The past thirty years have seen an unprecedented level of interest in early Christian biblical interpretation, from major scholarly initiatives to more popular resources aimed at pastors and general readers. The fields of Biblical Studies and Patristics/Early Christian Studies each arrived at the study of early Christian biblical interpretation largely from their own standpoints, and they tend to operate in relative isolation from one another. This books aims to bring the two fields into closer conversation, in order to suggest new avenues into the study of the deeply biblical dimension of patristic theology as well as the contribution that patristic exegesis can make to contemporary views of how best to interpret the Bible.

Based on a multi-year consultation in the Society of Biblical Literature, The Bible and Early Trinitarian Theology features leading scholars from both fields, who bring new insights to the relationship between patristic exegesis and current strategies of biblical interpretation, specifically with reference to the doctrine of the Trinity. Following an account of how each field came to study patristic exegesis, the book offers new studies of Trinitarian theology in Old Testament, Johannine, and Pauline biblical texts and the patristic interpretation of them, combining the insights of modern historical criticism with classical historical theology. It promises to make a valuable contribution to both fields, suggesting several new avenue into the study of early biblical literature and the development of Trinitarian theology.

About the Authors

Christopher A. Beeley is associate professor of divinity at Yale Divinity School and editor of Re-reading Gregory of Nazianzus: Essays on History, Theology, and Culture (CUA Press). Mark E. Weedman is professor of philosophy and ethics at Johnson University.


"This collection will prove extraordinarily helpful for classes on Trinitarian theology. The essays introduce a wide variety of vital topics for those seeking to understand the development of Trinitarian doctrine in the first few centuries, with a laserlike focus on the ways in which scriptural language and themes—from both testaments—stimulated that development and were a constant focus of theological attention. In its focus on these concerns the collection can only encourage the burgeoning ecumenical interest in Patristic Trinitarian theology as a constant source of theological renewal. –"—Lewis Ayers, Durham University & Australian Catholic University

"Pre-Nicene Trinitarian theology has long been a territory of scholarly misunderstanding, either from the side of those claiming that scriptural language of God could not genuinely fund 'speculative' Trinitarian notions, or those habitually holding up pre-Nicene Trinitarian constructions to the standards of later Nicene orthodoxy. This set of essays goes far to chart a more sensible course, duly considering the careful use of scripture in early Christian Trinitarian theology and letting it speak on its own terms, with its own coherences. -"—Paul M. Blowers, Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan College

"Beeley and Weedman's edited collection happily demonstrates how profoundly biblical studies has developed in the past few decades. Drawing on a dazzling interplay of cross-disciplinary reflection, in this case between a range of eminent biblical and patristic scholars, the volume manifests a supple theological creativity and intellectual insight that would have been unimaginable a few years ago when the divide between biblical critics and historians of dogma was almost impassable. Driven by the recognition that classic Trinitarian theology emerged quite directly from the early Church's 'attempt to make sense of the biblical text within the lived practice of the Catholic faith and vice versa,' the authors of this stellar set of essays show, from diverse perspectives, how dogma is itself a lively and richly scriptural category, and not a textual superimposition. The Bible and Early Trinitarian Theology marks a breakthrough moment in contemporary theological studies. –"—Ephraim Radner, author of Time and the Word: Figural Reading of the Christian Scriptures

9780813229959 : the-bible-and-early-trinitarian-theology-beeley-weedman
272 Pages
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