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January 31, 2022
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The Artist as Eyewitness

Antonio Bernal Papers, 1884-2019

This first survey of Antonio Bernal's life and work, The Artist as Eyewitness features essays that assess his murals, situating them within the historical, political, and cultural frameworks of the Chicano movement. It also includes an analysis of Bernal's unpublished novel, Breaking the Silence; a biography of Bernal; reproductions of his artwork; and a selection of his writings. Drawing on personal correspondence and writings, photographs, and audiovisual materials that document Bernal's travels, artwork, and family history, this book offers an important contribution to Chicana/o studies and art history.

About the Authors

Charlene Villaseñor Black is professor of art history and Chicana/o studies at the University of California, Los Angeles.

9780895511744 : the-artist-as-eyewitness-black-rodriguez-gomez-samano
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