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The Art and Politics of Arthur Szyk

Arthur Szyk was one of the most creative and determined political activists of his time. A gifted book illustrator and illuminator, a skillful caricaturist, and a crusader for causes, this multifaceted artist ceaselessly defended the rights of Jews and advocated on their behalf.

Skilled in medieval and Persian miniature painting, Szyk redirected his artistry during World War II into political cartoons that unmasked the face of the Nazi enemy and mobilized popular opinion. His caricatures became daily fare in newspapers and magazines throughout the United States. In 1942 alone, Szyk’s war-driven cartoons were published in Esquire, Collier’s, Look, Liberty, Time, the Saturday Review of Literature, and the Saturday Evening Post. One magazine reported that Szyk cartoons were as popular as Betty Grable pin-ups for troops heading overseas.

The Art and Politics of Arthur Szyk places the extraordinary artist and his work into the context of the turbulent times in which he lived (1894-1951). Hundreds of illustrations -- rendered in the artist’s original brilliant colors and painstakingly intricate detail -- were drawn from private and public collections around the world. The illuminations, paintings, prints, line drawings, lithographs, posters, magazine covers, and stamps are still vibrant and compelling. The political caricatures still resonate.


"A timely, vivid, and all in all, valuable picture of Szyk's career and art."—Choice


"An artist, and especially a Jewish artist, cannot be neutral in these times. . . . Our life is involved in a terrible tragedy, and I am resolved to serve my people with all my art, with all my talent, with all my knowledge."—Arthur Szyk, 1934
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

9780896047082 : the-art-and-politics-of-arthur-szyk-luckert
$39.95 USD

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