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August 1, 2018
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The Arab Renaissance: A Bilingual Anthology of the Nahda, critical edition

A Bilingual Anthology of the Nahda

The Nahda ("awakening") designates the project of Arab cultural and political modernity from the early nineteenth to the early twentieth century. Arab models of nationalism and secularism, as well as Islamic revival, spring from Nahda thought and its attendant developments, such as linguistic reform; translation; the emergence of new literary genres, such as the novel; the creation of periodicals, journalism, and a new publishing industry; professional associations and salons; a new education system; and an overall Enlightenment ideal of knowledge. The Nahda ushered in innovative modes of reading and writing along with new social practices of knowledge transmission, transnational connections, and new political ideas.

Collected in this anthology are texts by intellectuals, writers, members of the clergy, and political figures. The authors discuss authority, social norms, conventions and practices both secular and religious, gender roles, class, travel, and technology. Presented in the original Arabic and in English translation, the texts will be of interest to students of the Arabic language and culture, history, cultural studies, gender studies, and other disciplines.


"This book's publication is a transformative event, making available for the first time, in Arabic as well as in English, both classic and unusual material from the explosion of writing that shook up the Arab world in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries." —Saree Makdisi, University of California, Los Angeles
Modern Language Association of America
MLA Texts and Translations
critical edition

9781603293037 : the-arab-renaissance-a-bilingual-anthology-of-the-nahda-el-ariss-giordani-stanton
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