March 1, 2018
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March 1, 2018
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The ANC's War against Apartheid

Umkhonto we Sizwe and the Liberation of South Africa

For nearly three decades, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC), waged a violent revolutionary struggle against the apartheid state in South Africa. Stephen Davis works with extensive oral testimonies and the heroic myths that were constructed after 1994 to offer a new history of this armed movement. Davis deftly addresses the histories that reinforce the legitimacy of the ANC as a ruling party, its longstanding entanglement with the South African Communist Party, and efforts to consolidate a single narrative of struggle and renewal in concrete museums and memorials. Davis shows that the history of MK is more complicated and ambiguous than previous laudatory accounts would have us believe, and in doing so he discloses the contradictions of the liberation struggle as well as its political manifestations.

About the Author

Stephen Davis is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Kentucky.


"This is an important and timely study, highly readable, solidly researched, and well written. It provides a fascinating and provocative engagement for those interested in histories of liberation, armed struggles, and informal armed formations."—Nicky Rousseau, University of the Western Cape

"Stephen Davis charts new territory in a bold and lively fashion. Apart from furthering our knowledge and understanding of MK, he contributes significantly to scholarship on liberation movements more broadly. Essential reading."—Gary Baines, author of South Africa's Border War

"The ANC's War against Apartheid is a masterful corrective to contemporary grand narratives about the military struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Its value and sheer usefulness for scholars and advanced students working on southern African political history cannot be overestimated."—American Historical Review
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