May 23, 2007
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How Israel Has Coped and What America Can Learn

No country has experienced more acts of terrorism over a prolonged period than Israel. The frequency of attacks has propelled Israel toward innovative methods to address the threat. Indeed, treating so many victims of physical and psychological trauma has given rise to the new field of terror medicine.

In a gripping narrative, terrorist expert Leonard A. Cole describes how different segments of Israeli society have coped with terrorism—survivors of attacks, families of victims, emergency responders, doctors and nurses, and, in the end, the general population. He also interviews Palestinians, including imprisoned handlers of suicide bombers, who endorse or deplore suicide bombings. He concludes that the Israeli experience with preparedness and coping offers valuable lessons for the United States.

About the Author

Leonard A. Cole is Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. He is an expert on bioterrorism and terror medicine and author of seven books, most recently The Anthrax Letters: A Medical Detective Story. He lives in Ridgewood, New Jersey.


"Leonard Cole wants to wake the world to what Israel has suffered—and learned—from terror attacks.July 13, 2007"—The Jewish Standard

"Mr. Cole's book is essential reading for all those involved in homeland security preparedness."—Washington Times

"Terror will appeal to readers seeking to understand the immediate human cost of terrorism and learn how Israel's medical and psychological professionals cope with lingering effects. By delivering the story through the eyes of terror victims and those who assist them, Cole will move many readers emotionally. . ."—ForeWord

"If there is any benefit from the sad fact of terrorism that has plagued Israel's life for decades it is the possibility that other nations and other peoples might find something from the Israeli experience that can help them, as terrorism has become a world-wide scourge. Leonard Cole's book gives the fullest description of this process available today."—Mortimer B. Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News & World Report

"Leonard Cole offers a moving portrait of the way in which many Israelis cope with terror . . . The insights of individual Israelis who have suffered from terror and found a way to cope are nothing short of remarkable. Does the United States have much to learn from the Israeli experience? The answer—as Cole points out—is surely yes. But the great value of this book is what it tells us about not giving in to terror. Ultimatelyterror will be defeated when terrorists see that societies have found the means not to surrender their morale, or their humanity—and this book vividly demonstrates how Israelis have done that."—Ambassador Dennis Ross, former American envoy to the Middle East and author of The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fi

"Most experts believe there will be new terrorist attacks in the United States. By looking at the Israeli experience, Dr. Cole makes an important contribution by asking what can be learned and are we prepared?"—Governor Thomas H. Kean

"While the fight against terrorism within our borders is relatively new in the United States, Israelis have lived with this threat for decades. It only makes sense that the United States capitalizes on Israel's extensive expertise in this area. Leonard Cole has thoroughly investigated Israel's experience with terrorism and paints a compelling picture of what has worked and not worked. The lessons from this book could save lives in the event of another attack on the United States."—Senator Susan Collins

"Cole's book is a fascinating journey into modern terror."—Brig. General (Res.) Nachman Shai, former chief spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces
Indiana University Press

9780253349187 : terror-cole
272 Pages
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