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January 1, 2012
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Talking Tools

Faces of Aboriginal Oral Tradition in Contemporary Society

Talking Tools: Faces of Aboriginal Oral Tradition in Contemporary Society explores the power of oral tradition in Aboriginal society as a foundational cultural and linguistic tool. Four distinct elements are examined: the story-keepers; the importance of practice; the emergence of new stories; and the challenges of sustainability. Finally, the emergence of new technologies and their relevance to the sustainability of the tradition and art of storytelling are discussed. Solstice Series No. 6

About the Author

Patrick Scott moved to the North in 1975, on an 11-month contract with the Canadian Broadcasting Company, and never left. He graduated from Ryerson University in Photographic Arts, and he is now Negotiations Co-ordinator with Dehcho First Nations. He lives in Yellowknife.

9781896445595 : talking-tools-scott
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