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August 1, 2017
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Sustainable Audiovisual Collections Through Collaboration

Proceedings of the 2016 Joint Technical Symposium

The art and science of audiovisual preservation and access has evolved at breakneck speed in the digital age. The Joint Technical Symposium (JTS) is organized by the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations and brings experts from around the world to learn of technologies and developments in the technical issues affecting the long-term survival and accessibility of audiovisual collections. This collection of essays is derived from presentations made at the 2016 JTS held in Singapore and presents an overview of the latest audiovisual preservation methods and techniques, archival best practices in media storage, as well as analog-to-digital conversion challenges and their solutions.

About the Authors

Dietrich Schüller is director emeritus of the Phonogrammarchiv at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and is a specialist in audiovisual preservation and re-recording.
Lars Gaustad directs the film preservation efforts at the National Library of Norway.
Rachael Stoeltje is the director of the Indiana University (IU) Libraries Moving Image Archive and established the IU film collections into the IU Libraries Moving Image Archive.
An award-winning creative director and designer for main titles in feature films and television, Vicki Shively is an Masters in Library Science candidate in digital libraries at Indiana University with a focus on moving image archives.
George Boston spent his professional career as a sound technician and manager with the BBC, including their music studios in London, Audio Unit in Manchester, and the Open University Production Centre in Milton Keynes.
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