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March 10, 2016
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Sustainability Planning and Collaboration in Rural Canada

Taking the Next Steps

Rural communities, often the first indicators of economic downturns, play an important role in planning for development and sustainability. Increasingly, these communities are compelled to reimagine the paths that lead not only to economic success, but also to the cultural, social, environmental, and institutional pillars of sustainability. As the contributors to this volume demonstrate, there are many examples of such innovation and creativity, and many communities that seek out new ways to build the collaboration, capacity, and autonomy necessary to survive and flourish.Contributors: Don Alexander, Kirstine Baccar, Michael Barr, Mary A. Beckie, Moira J. Calder, Meredith Carter, Yolande E. Chan, Sean Connelly, Jon Corbett, Anthony Davis, Jeff A. Dixon, David J.A. Douglas, Roger Epp, Kelly Green, Lars K. Hallström, Greg Halseth, Casey Hamilton, Karen Houle, Glen T. Hvenegaard, Melanie Irvine, Bernie Jones, Robert Keenan, Rhonda Koster, Ryan Lane, Sean Markey, Shelly McMann, L. Jane McMillan, Morgan E. Moffitt, Karen Morrison, Karsten Mündel, Craig Pollett, Kerry Prosper, Mark Roseland, Laura Ryser, Claire Sanders, Jennifer Sumner, Kelly Vodden, Marc von der Gonna, Shayne Wright.

About the Authors

Mary Beckie is Associate Professor and Acting Director of Community Engagement Studies. Karsten Mündel is Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Academic) at Augustana Campus.

9781772120400 : sustainability-planning-and-collaboration-in-rural-canada-hallstrom-beckie-hvenegaard
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