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October 13, 2003
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Stockmen from Tekoa, Sycamores from Sheba

A Study of Amos' Occupation

In this brief but far-ranging book, Steiner addresses key issues concerning the descriptions of Amos's occupations. It features a thorough linguistic analysis of each relevant term or phrase, analyses of the how such professions were carried out, and an examination of the social role and standing of those so engaged. S. convincingly solves the apparent contradiction of Amos's claim to be a "cattleman" (bôqer, 7:14) and his being taken "from behind the flock" (so'n, 7:15). Moreover, Steiner finds Amos's life as a stockman to be compatible with that of a harvester of sycomore figs (bôles siqmîm, 7:14; note the spelling "sycomore," to differentiate between ficus sycomorus and the unrelated "sycamore" of North America and Europe).

About the Author

Richard C. Steiner is professor of Semitics at Yeshiva University.

9780915170357 : stockmen-from-tekoa-sycamores-from-sheba-steiner
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