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August 11, 1999
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Sports Medicine for Parents and Coaches

From five-year-olds playing T-ball to teenagers showing off their inline skating skills, kids love participating in sports. Their parents, who often know little about their child's chosen sport, assume the roles of cheerleader, coach, or, when injuries occur, trainer. For these parent-coaches, here is a comprehensive, illustrated guide to preventing and treating sports-related injuries written by a family physician certified in sports medicine.


- Explains the physical and psychological readiness of children for certain sports at different ages

- Identifies injuries by the part of the body
Lists sport-specific injuries, from baseball through wrestling

- Emphasizes preventing injuries and illness

- Contains a glossary of basic medical terms

- Includes illustrations of injuries and preventive exercises

Whether their kids are avid or occasional athletes, this handy reference will increase parents' ability to deal with minor injuries and to identify potentially more serious problems that require professional attention.

About the Author

As a family physician certified in sports medicine, a team physician, a father of twelve children, and a coach, Daniel J. Boyle, MD, brings both professional knowledge and years of practical experience to this valuable handbook. He lives and practices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


"Does an excellent job of introducing many misunderstood and mistreated problems. provides many practical tips for parents and coaches. . . . Overall, a valuable resource for parents, coaches, and even team medical personnel."—Doody's Review Service


"A book that has been needed for a long time. It will be a great resource for parents and coaches, and will be extremely beneficial to young athletes . . . easy to understand and helpful."—Mark Murphy, Athletic Director, Colgate University, and former professional football player with the Washington Redskins

Georgetown University Press

9780878407330 : sports-medicine-for-parents-and-coaches-boyle
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