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December 1, 2000
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Spoken Cree, Level I


This revised edition of Spoken Cree by C. Douglas Ellis is the first of three levels in a complete Cree language course, based on the "N" and "L" dialects spoken west of James Bay. Level I introduces the student to Cree by focussing on typical day-to-day situations. Each of the 18 units include basic conversation, a discussion of Cree grammar, drills, conversation practice and vocabulary list and a review section. The complete collection of sound files to accompany this manual can be downloaded from Spoken Cree III is available from the School of Linguistics and Language Studies, Carleton University.

About the Author

C. Douglas Ellis has made Cree the focal point of his studies since 1954. He is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at McGill University, Montreal and currently Adjunct Research Professor in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Carleton University, Ottawa. Doug Ellis lives in Ottawa.

9780888643476 : spoken-cree-level-i-ellis
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