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August 14, 1994
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Speech and Response

A Rhetorical Analysis of the Introductions to the Speeches of the book of Job (Chaps. 4-24)

This book in a careful examination of the introductions to the speeches in the Book of Job (chapters 4-24) based on rhetorical criticism. The primary interest of this work is in "inter-unit words" which connect various texts in the Book of Job in such a way that they form the basis of a response. The argument of this study (in distinction to a fairly widespread scholarly consensus to the contrary) is that the speeches do in some way respond to one another. Passages of interest are delimited; the form and structure of the passages are discussed; the rhetorical analysis for each passage will include evidence of a response to the arguments uttered by one or more of the opponents and an overview if given from the perspective as a response to previous texts.

About the Author

John E. Course is a retired priest of the Anglican Church of Canada, Diocese of Toronto.

9780915170241 : speech-and-response-course
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